Child Support Agreement South Africa

Hello, I applied for custody of the children at the Bellville Pension Court in January 2018, at the end of October, the court issued a court order for my father`s dependants. To date it has never paid and I have already been in the maintenance office 3 times, where I have filed motions for the court to add property that are the last of the forms I completed this year in February 2020, I also asked that they judge it as a criminal trial, because more than 2 and a half years , he told me directly that I could go to court what he never paid from the child`s pension. Mention this to the maintenance officer and apparently nothing is done by the court as I called and they could not find the last form I filed to add ownership of the unpaid amounts. I`m made of options and am not sure what it seems like the SA law is really not tough enough to trust me that this guy ever pay for maintenance and apparently his high requirement to never pay to charge will ultimately be true. He has cases and also handles taxis the court tells me repeatedly that they are investigating, but it seems to me that their investigations are nowhere because nothing is done against failure. I asked for ways to make his business pay, but I received a form to freeze bank assets, which was also a failed attempt. How do I go ahead with this and make sure this guy pays child support, I can pay his parents or current partners as a manager, if he claims that, at 35, he is challenged by the family that he has not declared taxi business and other businesses. Does investigator Bot have access to these people from tax to a better inzestigate, I am disoriented by everything. Through child care, this is a responsibility that every parent or guardian must take seriously, as set out in the Child Care Act. The above details are enough to help you understand what you need to do in terms of child care. Hello, if the mother has worked in another place and the child lives for almost 3 years with the father, she is also obliged to pay family allowances and she also any payment for the child that she never sent and sent money for these three years, we can also go to court good day I would like your advice , I have a one-year-old boy and he goes with his mother not far from the , where I took in 2018 they took me to court, being in the arears with my burden but until the end of December in 2018, I paid the full amount of R4000, 00 and I asked for it for this year I won`t be able to give the thousand I have to give on a monthly basis , because I always paid mid-month on the 15th.

, also plan to pay half of the sum of 500 and give the other half at the end of the month, because I have an extra room to rent for my tenant, which is from the property that is currently the executor, then give the other half at the end of the month, when my tenant pays her and she asks for the total amount. This allowed me to support other children in the middle of the month and I really earn so little that I recently moved in with my fiance and their two daughters.