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The Admission Guarantee (TAG) transfer program guarantees you admission to one of the eight universities Citrus College has agreements with. Completion of a number of required courses with a minimum grade average (MPA) allows Citrus students to apply and guarantee admission to a four-year university. Citrus College has GAD agreements with universities, including six participating campuses of the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), Chico (only for international students) and la Verne University. The conditions for participation vary between universities and majors. Please make an appointment with a Career/Transfer Center consultant to check TAG`s requirements and application deadlines. 2. Complete all remaining course and AMP requirements in your TAG agreement. If you sign a TAG/TAA, it depends on the school you plan for TAG. Once you have met the unit requirement completed, your contract can be written up to one year before the transfer. For example, a TAA may be written in September for the fall period of UC Davis. Chaffey Transfer Pathway Sheet (Biology) Chaffey Transfer Pathway Sheet (Business) Chaffey Transfer Pathway Sheet (Computer Science) Chaffey Transfer Pathway Sheet (Psychology) UCR will continue to assist you after transmission via Puente Connection. The TAG-Matrix [PDF] contains a list of participating campuses and campus-specific requirements that must be qualified. See more financial aid for the State of California at the California Student Aid Commission.

csac.ca.gov/financial-aid-programs Get your place with UCR through the Admission Guarantee (TAG) transfer program. The admission guarantee/Agreement (TAG/TAA) transfer is a commitment that some higher education institutions and universities make to CCP students who meet the basic transfer requirements. At the conclusion of a general culture order and a selected major with a specified minimum MPA, you can apply for the four-year settlement and obtain a “guaranteed welcome” within a specified time frame. MPA requirements vary depending on primary and/or higher education within the university and may change. Arizona, Loyola Marymount, Pacific Oaks, Pepperdine, Redlands and Whittier procedures and deadlines vary by institution. For more information, visit the PCC Transfer Center, L110. . By participating in the TAG, you can get an early review of your scientific documents, an early authorization notification and specific instructions on key preparation and general training programs. Remember: TAG applications are now due October 15, but you can only apply to a campus for one DAY. To keep your options open, you apply to other UC campuses during the regular application cycle (November 1 and 30).

. The minimum GPA aims to exceed the minimum GPA of 2.4 and the minimum 2.7 GPA for neuroscience and psychology. . If you identify as low income, first generation or with a disability, the student assistance program can help you stay connected to the university. Program names vary, but look for trio, Student Support Services or SSS. The Puente project is open to all students. It allows you to work with consultants and mentors who will help you transfer to the UCR. You can also participate in the Puente Leadership Conference.

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