Post Production Services Agreement

There are all kinds of problems if the film services treaty does not talk about it. For example, if a production company does not receive executed orders from a cast or crew member. 37. Agrees to assign the production of the video to the production company on the customer`s website and to publish a link on its website on the production company`s website. The customer has the right to host the video (the finished product) or clips of it on his own initiative or on the website of his business partner, but in this case he is obliged to attribute to the production company for his work. The contract sets the timetable for completion and delivery times for completed work. It is customary for a production and delivery plan to be attached to the agreement as a WHEREAS exhibition, Company holds all rights, titles and interests for and for all productions and works including “Note to Health” but not limited to “Jump with Jill” (the “property”) and 20. agree that, as noted above, the main customer/customer contact assumes responsibility for the decision-making by the customer or its related companies. The production company does not act under the direct orders of persons or persons who have not signed this contract, and the production company is not liable for disputes between the customer and the third party as a result of its actions. In addition, the production company does not bear the costs resulting from additional work necessityed by the intervention of third parties; The production company and the customer agree that both parties are legally entitled to royalties for the work they perform, including the commercial sale of DVDs and the broadcast of Airplay.

It is expected that a separate agreement will be reached and signed, alongside it, to determine and agree on the best way to sell the products, to inform both parties of the number of products sold and to collect and distribute the funds. If the customer wishes to “buy” the production company to ensure that all licence fees belong to him, a separate contract will be entered into and an acceptable amount for both parties will be developed. CONSIDERING that the client is developing and preparing the production of a television series in progress of “Based on a True Story”, consists of thirteen (13) one-hour episodes, for delivery to the cable television market (the “episodes”), and First Modifie e.A. and Repute Production Services (the “agreement”), carried out on August 19, 2009 (execution Date) and effective December 1, 2009 (the “effective date”), from and between RETAIL CREDIT SERVICES, INC. with offices at 170 Election Road, Draper, Utah 84020-6425 and FIRST DATA RESOURCES, LLC (“First Data”), a Delaware company with offices at 6855 Pine Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68106.