Permanent Alternate Accommodation Agreement Stamp Duty

… contract for permanent alternative accommodation on 17 February 2000 between M/s Cozyhome Builders and the late A.P Fernandez. It is recorded and considered an exhibition “P7… In accordance with the amendment to section 25, point (d), of Act 1 of the Bombay Protocol Act 1958, even if the association submits a letter of attribution for the new dwelling in the new building, the same thing is treated as an agreement and the applicable stamp duty must be paid. It is therefore imperative to execute the agreement for the new apartment with the owner. In the case of a renovation, a development contract between the company and the developer on the land owned by the company is concluded using the available ISPs, TDR, etc. The agreement generally involves the provision of new housing with additional space for existing members at no cost. The consideration for the restoration of the land may also include rent, corpus, royalty redeployment. … Dispute between the petitioner and the real estate developer, for the simple reason that the petitioner and the respondent entered into a separate registered agreement of April 4, 2013 for permanent alternative accommodation. verify whether the document between the petitioner and the respondent, that is.dem permanent replacement accommodation contract of April 4, 2013, is subject to such a right to stilt parking spaces. A… Members of society.

According to the petitioner, this requirement replaces his future permanent replacement contract and entitles him to a stilt parking on the ground floor… The instructions state that Ms. Leena Ganatra assigned the flat No. B-201 admeasuring 695 sq.ft Instruction is accepted. It is also specified that in the agreement for permanent alternative accommodation… The applicant commits, on 17.05.2016 or before 17.05.2016, all annexes of the permanent alternative accommodation contract to… respondent`s lawyer No. 3. The parties comply with all other conditions set out in the development agreement.

The Permanent Alternate Accommodation Agreement… Circular No. K.5-Stamp-17-Pra.Kr.10/13/303/17, issued on 30 March 2017 by the Inspector General of Registration and Stamp Controller (State of Maharashtra), establishes that stamp duty on the new premises will be applicable in accordance with Section 4 of the Maharashtra Stamp Act, since there is no transfer of ownership in remediation projects, there is also no stamp on land previously owned by members of the association`s rehabilitation or on additional land added to them in new construction. 1. In cases where the development agreement has only been concluded between the company and the developers, the member of the rehabilitation is not a party to such a development agreement, clause 4 does not apply to the AAP, which is carried out in favour of the members of the rehabilitation, and stamp duty must be collected in accordance with Section 2 B of that law. As soon as an agreement is reached by the payment of the necessary stamp duty and its registration, the owner cannot cheat or terminate the contract. … Developer (Navkar) in the Permanent Alternate Accommodation Agreement. Although it is difficult to accept the deposit of Mr. Prajyot Patil, himself an architect, that in the development agreement… I have received the following order by mutual agreement:a) The company and its members agree to accept the accommodation of the defendant No. 5 – Northen Star Heights Infrastructure Pvt.

Ltd. (Defendant Party 5) whose information is included in the development agreement (page 58 of the appeal). (b) Mr. Prajyot Patil, occupying the original apartment No. 6 (new apartment No. 201… Accommodation must be paid for by the plaintiff to Defendant No.