Keyano College Faculty Association Agreement

ACIFA advises and assists in the negotiation and implementation of member associations` collective agreements by assisting in the preparation of collective bargaining. On request, ACIFA negotiates around the table for a member association, advises in negotiations, presents itself as a candidate or present in the arbitration of interest and claims procedures. AciFA also assists and advises member associations in the handling of cases of maladministration. Patricia joined Keyano College in 2014 and is a lecturer in the Electrical Department of Trades – Heavy Industrial Programs. She has been certified Red Seal, Journeyman Electrician since 2002 and received her Master Electrician Certificate in 2011. Prior to her work, she worked for 17 years in industry, commerce, housing and maintenance. Our instructors offer adult learners the opportunity to improve their primary and secondary education in order to best prepare them for university, university or staff. In 2018, Holly joined the care program at Keyano College as a clinical trainer. Holly is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate at Saint Francis Xavier University and was recently admitted to a master`s degree in education and health. Prior to arriving in Keyano, Holly spent her time in various provinces across Canada with a high concentration in acute care, primarily in remote, rural and underserved areas. Dawn joined Keyano College in 2015 and is a lecturer in the Electrical Department of Trades – Heavy Industrial Programs.

Dawn is a Journeyman Red Seal Certified Electrician. Prior to teaching, Dawn began her apprenticeship in oil in Wabasca, Alberta, in 1998. During her career, she also worked in the production of industrial, private and electrical electricity. Dawn began working in 2000 at Wood Buffalo in the oil sands, where she lived in warehouses from top to bottom, before moving to Full-Time in Fort McMurray in 2005 to become a business assistant with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Kerry has worked at Keyano College for nearly 34 years in a wide range of fields, including purchasing, student services, chancery, consulting and, more recently, the School of Business and Heavy Industry.