Customer Rebate Agreement Type

SPRO- IMG- SD- BILLING- REBATE PROCESSING: – Define discount agreements – Packaging groups defining cond-type groups Assign cond types to cond-type groups – Maintain access order, Set conditions – Assign Cond-type treatment to types of conditon. Step one. Definition of contract types: Copy – Rename: 0002 – go to details – Demarcations inverted: characterizing them on – Manual Akkreal-Doc Type: Type Doc (R4) – Fakturation-Doc Type: B4 – Level of verification: payer, Material – Partial Payment: Doc Type (R3) – Billing Doc Type: B3 – Define Enter the same code as the one shown for the type of agreement. Step -3. Assign the type of conditioning to the packaging group: In this activity, the cond type of the Cond group`s price calculation procedure, which is in the type of discount agreement, must be assigned. The sequence no columns represent the fields of the Cond table, which determines what the system should use as the basis for the delivery. In this. B, 1 specifies that the Cond type must use the Customer-Material fields. The Cond 0002 group uses price-indexed Bo02 types.

Before assigning the Cond type to the cond group, you need to create a condtype. Cond technology for processing discounts: – Create a cond table – Keep the access sequence – Set the cond type: BO02 is the cond type used in pricing, round copying and renaming. – Cond-type assignment to cond Type Group: BO02 to 0002 – Pricing maintenance: cond type BO02 assignment at priceproc, after full discount and before freight. Sub-total: 7, Account key: ERB, Limits: ERU (reserve of customer money money), and requirement: 24 (the discount is allocated in the billing doc – not to dirty doc) – The cond-type BO02 must use the reimbursement of class expenses cond `C`. – The BO02 discount procedure: indicates whether the cond is dependent or independent of the volume of sales – The limit correction procedure indicates whether the limits need to be corrected when this type is available. Step – 4. Cond Type Groups assignment to contract type: Here you will find a list of the types of contracts created in the system and you can assign the corresponding Cond type group Step – 5.