A Telework Agreement

The following basic steps help maximize the benefits of telecommuting for you and your working group, minimize potential administrative burdens and create the conditions for your employees to succeed. A duly concluded telework agreement can be an important part of the growth and maintenance of effective and flexible employment. Recent studies show that telework workers are quite engaged, satisfied with their work and more likely to stay with their employer. Applications for telework as accommodation for people with disabilities are processed as part of the accommodation process for persons with disabilities. Discuss questions about housing-related telework applications with your human resources advisor or the disability office. There may be circumstances in which a telework application cannot be accepted. In order to demonstrate consistency and fairness within the unit, it is important that the refusal be explained to the employee and based on guidelines, the impact on the operation of the units and/or on the employee`s work data set. University facilities and resources in another workplace are not automatically insured. Check the device`s insurance information. If the services do not insure the equipment that supports the telework agreement, the telework agreement should specify whether the service or employee bears the risk of loss.

The telework agreement should require the employee to immediately report damage to the university`s equipment. The law requires every teleworker and his supervisor to enter into a written telework agreement for any type of telework, whether the employee is regularly teleworking or not. For example, a written telework agreement is required for an employee who works regularly once a week and for an employee who is only allowed to work once a year. The parameters of this agreement are most often defined in agency policy and/or collective agreement, but they should contain the following key elements: With regard to workers covered by a collective agreement, complaints are governed by the negotiated appeal procedure (unless the collective agreement explicitly excludes this issue from this procedure, in which case the agency`s appeal procedure is regulated). For uns negotiated staff, the Agency`s current claims procedure would cover complaints about the refusal of a telework application. Appropriate steps must be taken to ensure that university property is used in accordance with GSP 47.2, for the personal use of academic institutions, computers and equipment by university staff.